Kate | Newborn

I know, I know. I don't technically do newborn sessions anymore. Not because I don't adore babies, I do... which is the problem. I just want to hold and cuddle them instead of pose them.

But... when one of your dearest friends has a baby, you make exceptions.

Especially when that baby is exceptionally darling like this one. Friends, meet Kate, my newest obsession.

Her eyelashes are even more amazing now that she's a couple months old. Blessed child.

That very dubious face. Hehe!

Michael & Laura | Wedding

Where to start... This wedding is precious to me on many levels. Yes, it was an absolutely gorgeous wedding; yes, I was swooning over all the window light all day; yes, it would have been amazing even if the bride and groom were complete strangers. But it was more than that in that it was a dear, close friend embarking on a new phase of life, and seeing that friend happier than I have ever seen her before. So many wonderful people in one place, so much joy, so much celebrating! It was surreal to be just going along, doing my wedding photographer thing, but realizing that LAURA was the bride!

I am so excited to share this wedding with you all today, but even more excited to see what the Lord is going to do with Michael & Laura as a couple. I think He probably has something awesome in mind. :-)

This is possibly the longest wedding post yet... Sorry. Kind of. Not really. Many thanks to Renee for second shooting with me!! Several of her snaps are in this post!

One gorgeous ring!

Lemondrop Designery's florals are always so drool worthy!!


When you look over and see ^this^ gorgeousness happening (candidly!!), it makes your day. :-D

Such a ham...

...all of them.

These girls... dear to my heart!

Of course I had to have a photo with the bride! <3

First look time... so much anticipation!

Maybe I'm reading into it, but I think he liked it

There are no words to express how much I love this picture.


He was a little bit excited. Just a little.


It's tradition! (Every time we end up at a wedding together I take this shot :-)

We did some bride & groom portraits after the ceremony too - even if you do a first look I highly recommend still taking some pictures afterwards! Not only do you get more pictures of the two of you, but you have all that "WEJUSTGOTMARRIED" excitement and all the stress is gone.

And, you know... kissing. ;-)

Due to their huge guest list, they had a private "after-party" after the main reception for close friends. Dinner and dancing the night away!

Kristen, you rocked your maid of honor speech.
I know. I've heard a lot of maid of honor speeches.

Love this girl soooo much. :-D

And yay for previous KGP couples/fabulous second shooters/hilarious people!

And it was great working with Calvin and Landon of Higgins Studio - check out their video of the day:

Dress: Germaine's Bridal
Florals: Lemondrop Designery
Cake: Ambrosia
Hair: my amazing sister :-)
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Uline
After-Party Venue: Radisson
Videography: Higgins Studio