Pianista | Portraits

That's Italian for "pianist." (I bet you'd never have guessed!).

So, a little while before I got my harp, my sister got her dream piano. A Schimmel grand. Long story short, there was a private owner selling it, who happened to be 10 minutes away from us, and happened to be selling it for a great deal. It came to live at our house fairly promptly. :-)

Our previous piano was in our back room, which is very dark. The only light coming in is from the sliding door, and the walls are wood paneling. Not the most ideal photo situation. But the new piano has a place of prominence in the front room (taking up approximately half of the room), which is full of light. We took some shots of her with her new baby for use with any music-related activities.

Distracted :-) | Personal

I realize I've been neglecting the blog... I'm sorry, but I figured that the wedding post was so long it could keep you busy for a little while, and I've been a bit distracted from computer work recently. Last week my dad and I drove up to Michigan and brought home my beautiful pedal harp! For those of you harp-illiterate folks :-), there are two kinds of harps. Lever harps change pitch (sharps & flats) with levers at the top of the harp, and pedal harps change with foot pedals. You can play a larger variety of music with a pedal harp. I never dreamed I would get one this soon, and it was so neat how the Lord worked everything out, even to the family we purchased it from being a Christian, homeschooling family!

Needless to say, I'm pretty ecstatic and I've been playing it till my fingers blister. And ignoring my blog. Don't worry, though, I've got some more stuff coming up. Stay tuned! (pun unintentional).