Kate | Newborn

I know, I know. I don't technically do newborn sessions anymore. Not because I don't adore babies, I do... which is the problem. I just want to hold and cuddle them instead of pose them.

But... when one of your dearest friends has a baby, you make exceptions.

Especially when that baby is exceptionally darling like this one. Friends, meet Kate, my newest obsession.

Her eyelashes are even more amazing now that she's a couple months old. Blessed child.

That very dubious face. Hehe!

Lydia Margaret | Newborn

Very few things make me as happy as holding a newborn baby. They are so tiny and warm and squishy. I almost wish they would never grow up at all (though in that case the world would be a sad place).

So you can imagine I had a lovely morning with this little doll. She's a born model. Awake part of the time, asleep part of the time, and only cried twice I think. I should hire her to teach all newborns how to behave for photo shoots. And by the way - is her name not the darlingest name you ever heard? Enjoy the sweetness!

I did not ask him to do that. :-)

Allie | Newborn

Last month Wendy and I were privileged to be able to do a newborn session for one of the families from church. Though this one went a little differently than our previous one, in that little Miss Allie screamed her head off for the first 2/3 of the shoot, I still really enjoyed myself and would definitely like to do more newborns in future. Babies... I love 'em. And I tend to want to adopt every single one that I hold. Thankfully their mothers intervene or I'd have one full house...

Big Sister wanted to help :-)

And remembered her modeling skills from last time! :-)

We convinced Mom to get in front of the camera and I'm so glad she did!