New Year! Happy 2015!

Another year gone. That always sounds kind of depressing. But then again - it's another year begun!

2014 was a smashing year, and I'm looking forward to what this year holds. At the outset, I'm just bringing you all up to speed with some updates and where Kathryn Grace Photography is headed this year!

What's New:

1. I'm sure lots of people have price adjustments going into effect in 2015 and I'm no different. But it's not that they are simply going up, there are some extra bonuses in the works as well! You'll be happy to hear that portrait prices are remaining the same for now. Wedding packages have been overhauled and updated with some shiny new things, including a MUCH higher quality album!!

2. Last year, headshot sessions only received a 30-day limited gallery that only allowed downloading images one at a time. Now, EVERY session will receive the fully featured gallery, and...

3. PASS (my gallery provider) is better than ever!! A lot of updates have been put in place in the last few months that are really exciting! Most of all, galleries are now live for 10 YEARS. Which also means, any sessions you book with me can all go into the same gallery so you have all your images in one place! In addition, new products have been added to the cart, and the interface is more self explanatory. I will be posting a bit more about PASS in the coming weeks to make sure you're all getting everything you can out of it. :-)

4. This year I am narrowing my niche and limiting what types of shoots I am accepting. I will not be taking family or newborn shoots anymore. That is a little bit sad, but I have come to realize that couples, individuals, and weddings are what I love to shoot, and while family is SO important to me and I believe it is important to have captured, I am just not the one to do it and I would much rather people go to a photographer who LOVES to photograph families.

pc: my cousin Kerry!

What's Coming:

I'm no prophetess to predict the future, but here are some things I am hoping to accomplish this year:

1. In 2014's new year post, I talked about planning a workshop. That *cough* obviously didn't happen. I have had considerable interest in it, however, and I am mulling over what format will work best - a traditional workshop setup, or more of a one-on-one mentoring session type approach. I've always been nervous to talk in front of people so I am leaning towards the latter, but not completely throwing out the idea of a workshop!

2. New brand! (said with fear and trembling!). I've dabbled in graphic design since I was young and have always designed my own blog and just played around with whatever struck my fancy at the time. I still think my blog is cute and I like it, but I'd like to really dig down and establish a timeless brand that will stick with me for years, even as my tastes vary. A slightly frightening task, but exciting, and completely uncharted territory for me. I'm hoping this will involve setting up an actual website + blog. This will take time - still only in the idea stages - but it's a goal for me!

Thanks for hanging with me. :-) Here's to a great year ahead!