Seth & Laura | Wedding

I met Laura years ago when she stayed at our house when our church was hosting the big Presbytery meeting. It was a short visit, but I remember laughing a lot. :-) I never dreamed that one day I would be road tripping to Omaha to shoot her wedding!

Originally the plan was to do portraits in a park, but we were met with a weather forecast predicting 90% chance of thunderstorms. All. Day. Needless to say, I left home with pretty low expectations of how well the wedding was going to go. As a wedding photographer, you learn to roll with whatever, but nobody likes to hear thunderstorms all day! At the rehearsal, the church staff filled us in on the tornado plan, should we need it. Tornadoes?! Thunderstorms?! Yikes.

Laura found an indoor location at the Joslyn Art Museum, where we were allowed to come in an hour early. It had a glass roof which allowed us to still get natural light portraits despite being inside. We showed up and as we got ready for the first look, the sun came out! We still decided to get all the shots we needed inside in case of rain, since we only had the hour allotted to us, but the rain was still holding by the time we were done (most cooperative bridal party ever, we just whizzed through pictures!). So we headed outside to the elegant pillared exterior and garden for more shots.

In the end, it was beautiful all day, and the rain came late at night after everything was done. Thank you, Lord!

Enjoy the pictures! Thanks to Wendy for second shooting this wedding with me, for being my travel buddy, and bringing little personal Nutella packs for me. ;-)

They were totally game for walking out on this ledge... Worth it!

Laura did a dance with her brother, and at first it looked like she was caught off guard...

Until he told her to "fall in" and she made it clear that she knew exactly what was going on. :-)

Because it was supposed to storm, they had bought an umbrella specifically for pictures, so after their exit I met them at the park across the street for a few last shots.