Pink & Gold Hot Air Balloon Party

For years my sister and I have thought it would be really fun to have a "singles shower" - lots of our friends are getting married and it is so fun seeing them get all this new kitchen and home stuff at their showers. We thought, well, why shouldn't single girls get some fun new stuff for their house too? Besides, we love an excuse to have a party. :-)

We never got around to actually doing it, until Tara and Grace started scheming making the party actually happen. They came up with a hot air balloon theme and a pink & gold color scheme, and ran with it! Grace, baker extraordinaire, made adorable hot air balloon cookies, raspberry macarons, and the beautiful gold-painted cake. They created little hot air balloons out of gold paper lanterns with small pink paper boxes hung from them - SO cute! We spent an exhausting evening draping our entire front room in tulle and gold streamers. Some of our lovely single girlfriends came to the party and each brought a fun gift like you might give at a shower, and we had a gift swap. Delicious food and delightful conversation topped off quite the smashing event! :-)

Alas, I was too busy participating to snap any photos during the actual event, but enjoy the photos of everything untouched!

Source Credits:
Cake, cookies, and macarons: Simply Grace
Tulle: Tablecloths Factory
Gold streamers: Shindigz
Gold paper straws: Amazon
Gold paper lanterns: Oriental Trading Co.

Wedding Program Fans

What I've been up to recently... making programs for my friend Anna's beach wedding. Aren't they fun? Having them double as a fan worked out great - the day was hot!

176 ribbons cut
88 sheets of cardstock printed and cut in half
704 corners rounded
528 glue dots applied
176 wood handles adhered
176 bows tied

An Elegant Hand

A few months ago while waiting for our flight to leave to come home from vacation, we decided to shop around the little stores in the airport. Oddly enough, there was a used bookstore - not exactly what you'd expect to find in an airport! There was a fairly large antique book section, and we picked up this book of poetry. Inside it has a name inscribed in such lovely writing. I'm now ashamed of my handwriting. :-) Why aren't people taught to write like this anymore? Look at that delicious B. *swoons*
Speaking of beautiful penmanship, though... there are some people who can still write with the elegance of bygone years. And I happen to know an expert. You should really check out The Constant Scribe. I just go on there and drool over the gorgeous calligraphy.

With the amazingly beautiful weather I'm scheming photo shoots, but we'll see if I can actually make it happen!