A Letter to Rosie | The Princess Project

Today's post is near and dear to my heart, and a long time in the making. Around a year ago, Amber told us they would be adopting a baby in a few months... and that announcement had quite the tale to go along with it. She approached me about creating a mini documentary to tell this beautiful story of God's providence, and I agreed after warning her that I knew very (very, very) little about videography. Since Rosalie's name remained a secret until her birth, we code named it, "The Princess Project," because until she arrived they referred to her as their little princess (well... they still do that...).
There are a lot of other people with more expertise than I in this area, but they decided to take a chance on me. The video below is the result; it's far from perfect, but it was a joy and an honor to capture Rosalie's amazing story.

What I hope people take away from this is that God is good, He is sovereign, His timing and His plan is perfect, and that life is a beautiful and precious gift. Praying that it blesses you as much as working on it has blessed me! (And don't forget to watch in HD ;-).