Wendy | Sunrise Beach Portraits

These pictures..... they make my heart sing. They make me think I was born for living near the beach so that I can get up at 6am and experience the magic of sunrise + piers + swirling water.

Wendy is a doll. That is, I think, the appropriate term for someone who agrees to humor you and get up and look gorgeous at sunrise, especially when already somewhat sleep deprived from late nights on vacation. :-)

South Carolina, I love you.

South Carolina | Personal

Well! What a month this has been! I feel like I have hardly been home. Which is probably because it's pretty much true. :-)

A few weeks ago I spent 10 days in South Carolina with my friend Wendy and her grandparents - it was delightful! The weather was nice, except for a couple of rainy days which we used for shopping. It was so relaxing and I got the darkest tan I have had in a very long time. :-) I didn't take a ton of pictures over the course of the vacation but I do have some from a few different days.

We went golfing one day... and that is the global "we." It translates to, "They golfed and I drove the cart." I hit a few balls at the driving range, but after my very first swing, which was beautiful, it was all downhill from there. :-)
Beautiful morning!

Such a pretty clubhouse!

Toward the end of our stay we visited a local garden. Not much was in bloom, but the big moss-covered trees were enough of an attraction. :-) I'll warn you, there is an excess of tree pictures to follow...

An obliging passerby volunteered to take our only picture we got together. :-)

Pros of two photographers traveling together - impromptu portrait sessions! :-)

We couldn't pass up taking pictures of each other with a perfect tree. Thanks, Wendy, for grabbing some pictures of me!

I just love the south...

So yeah. We have a thing for trees dripping with moss. :-) It was a wonderful vacation (thanks for taking me with you, Wendy!), and I can't wait to share some more pictures from our sunrise shoot on the beach! Coming soon!