Behind the Scenes | 2017

Well, here we are again, another year gone. I thought since it's already the middle of January that perhaps I should dispense with the year end recap, but it's generally a favorite for whatever reason and it's also the easiest thing to blog because there is a limited number of photos available to use and I don't have to sort through which 150 photos out of 700 to post from a wedding. :-)

That will come, since I have mountains of shoots that I haven't blogged, but for now... this is as good as it gets.

I threw in a few from the previous year because I didn't really have enough material that year to warrant a recap post. Thanks as ever to my lovely second shooters this year, Joanna and Anna!

Oh, you know. Just shooting next to a Rolls-Royce. No biggie.

Also riding a mini bus with the bridal party and acting like I do this every day.

Beautiful windows and perky second shooters :-D


"Now, let's see, I know this button here does something..."
I strive for professionalism and appearing knowledgeable, with varying levels of success.

Case in point. Gleefully occupying one of the awesome chairs at this incredible tented reception.

^ speaking of professional

This wedding was a dream. I shot it for Renee Higgins Photography (responsible for the above two photos) and reveled in dunes and beach grass and sand and water to my heart's content.
I'm from the midwest. It doesn't take much to thrill me. :-)

This is called "what they don't know won't hurt them." You can make anything work if you have good light. :-) Below is the result of the above photo...

Such a natural! ;-)

Contrary to appearances, Joanna is NOT attempting to tear pieces off the wedding dress.

Great working with Benjamin McCain on my cousin and his cousin's wedding... it's not every day that you are distantly related to the videographer. :-P

No idea what my hand is doing...

I crack myself up.

Wedding edition of "Where's Waldo?"... spot the second shooter!

Majestic light test.

I'm telling you. This wedding was SO. PRETTY. 
I need to post it.

I am a dork. At least the couple looks good.

Adjusting this amazing dress, which I will very likely steal when I get married.

Tag teaming with Enok Studios to tactlessly intrude on this tender moment...

Pretty second shooters who perch gracefully on stone walls.

Overtired much?

Second shooter and rose trainer. I hire people of varied skills because you never know when it will come in handy...

I had no idea I was so creepy.

Light testing like a boss.

Great minds think alike.

Shout out to this bouquet because I LOVED IT.
Also shout out to Anna who shot this wedding with me in 90 degree weather while coming down with and succumbing to the stomach flu. Trooper.
(also, nobody else got it. Thank you, Lord.)

Epic photobomb featuring yours truly and the groom

I clearly hire Joanna for her facial expressions. ;-)

So much to love about this.

Veil magic doesn't happen by itself, people!

So thankful for so many wonderful clients this year. I'm so thankful to do what I love because of them!

And because of them... I have my work cut out for me to catch up on blogging... :-)

Behind the Scenes | 2015

It's that time of year again! The time when all photographers dig out the back story, the invariably flattering photos of ourselves at work. ;-)

It's been a good year... slower than last year on the wedding front, but that's ok. This year found me shooting several very close friends' weddings, which was a wonderful but surreal experience. The benefit of shooting your dear friend's wedding is that you get to hang out with them all day. :-) And you usually end up working the wedding with other friends who have talents in some wedding related area which makes everything more fun!

Thanks to all the fabulous second shooters and assistants that worked with me this year and are responsible for the majority of this post: Renee, Wendy, John-Luke, and Joanna. You all are invaluable! A couple of photo credits to Allison and Tara as well!

Happy day! Laura got married!

I hire second shooters based on their ability to look adorable for light tests.

They took my overly clear instructions very seriously.

Great working with Landon and Calvin from Higgins Studio!

And apparently I forgot to lint roll my sweater. Whoops.
Cat hair is decorative! Right?

Wedding dresses don't look perfect on their own.

Can one put "professional boutonniere pinner" on one's resume?

"Are you sure you can handle carrying that fan?"

Everyone is clearly unimpressed by the Phantom Hand.

Veil fail.

L: shooting details for my dear Hannah's wedding. R: second shooting for Renee!

What did I say? Boutonniere professional!

Eventually you get bored with light tests and... this happens.

The amazing Lydia and Grace doing their thing!

We never have any fun.

Wendy the Veil Whisperer.

Follow the light... even if it leads you into the nursery...

Hair stylist on the side. ;-)

It was a pleasure working with Something New Media on this wedding!

So attractive. 
If anyone ever discovers the secret to not contorting one's face while shooting, please contact me asap.

Tag teaming with my favorite Anna doing videography!

Light tester/second shooter/purse holder/cold endurer. :-)

Just barging in on this nice little moment...

Hangin' out, waiting for the ceremony to start...

I don't know what I am doing with my feet on the left. But I do know I am wearing Jaclyn's fur stole. There may have been more than one reason I suggested she take it off for some shots.

Caleb working video & photo booth - and Rob doubling as groomsman/light stand.
He was really enthused about that. ;-) Ah, the things you get roped into when you are good friends with the camera crew...

Hire me! I will enhance your guests' social experience with my hilarity.

Thanks to all the wonderful couples who made this a great year - I love you all and am so thankful you trusted me to document your special days!! Looking forward to all that 2016 brings. :-)

Behind the Scenes | 2014

Here we are at the end of 2014 already! I'm always surprised at how quickly the year flies by. And what a year! It was my busiest so far (and not just for business, it felt busy all around) and I am so very grateful for all of my wonderful clients and friends-turned-clients from this year!

Like 2013, I'm posting behind the scenes photos from weddings I shot this year. I always love the end of the year posts popping up on all the photographers' blogs. Most of these pictures are courtesy of my invaluable second shooters - Laura, Wendy, Lauren, and Renee - aside from the ones I'm posting of them... ;-)

Dose of reality: this is really how we spend most of our photo time. :-)

That's how the veil magic happens!

My second shooters are going to kill me for some of these test shots... ;-)

We get high and low in this job! :-)

I have NO idea why I am grinning like a Cheshire cat. Disturbing.

Renee. The child whisperer.
(Also, bridal room walls like this are why black & white is amaaaaazing! Church interior decorators need to come talk to me first before making any design decisions.)

Whatever it takes...

Newly engaged and showing off that ring during light testing! (not to mention muscles).
Renee, I love these shots of Laura and I working together! :-)

Child whisperer AND trainer of Mini Photographers.

Oh my. Awkwardest photobomb ever.

Why yes. I hire models for my second shooters so that my test shots will always look good.

Job perks.

Thankful for a great year and looking forward to 2015!