Kerry | Portraits

Over Thanksgiving it was amazingly warm for this area at the end of November - in the 60's! Given the nice weather and the fact that we had time to do it, my cousin Kerry and I had a little impromptu mini photoshoot. We could have walked farther down the path for a bit better setting, but we'd already taken Chivery for a long walk and didn't feel like going that far again, so we stuck with the small bridge right behind my grandparents' house.

Kerry is just one of those people who are just loads of fun to be around. We had so much fun when we were little... the two of us had our own bank, and our own restaurant, both very successful enterprises. We also occasionally ran a daycare, which could be a traumatic (traumatically enjoyable, of course) experience when my uncle would burst in and steal a baby. While we don't play house like that anymore (usually *cough* - just kidding) we still have a great time when we are together.

The first thing Kerry said was, "I can't do the serious face," and "I'm really bad at smiling for the camera." That's actually probably one of the things we photographers like to hear our subjects say, because it gives us a chance to prove them wrong. :-) What do you think, was she mistaken or what?