Upgraded! | Personal

I decided that if I booked 3 weddings for 2015, I would upgrade to the Canon 5D Mark III. I've been renting this camera for all my weddings, and I got to the point that my business was established enough that I was ready to have it for all my shoots.

So... last week this arrived! :-D Bucket list item #1 for 2015... check!

This is my first full-frame camera, which is exciting, but the main features that make me love this camera are it's amazing ISO, and the focusing system!

Excited to take this baby with me on my next shoot!!

Photography Bucket List | Personal

It's kind of funny... I had this post planned and then recently I came across several other photographers' bucket lists. Believe me, I'm not copying ya'll. ;-)
We all have one - a list in the back of our minds of things we hope to do someday. Today I'm sharing what's on mine, specifically photography-related. Some of them are very attainable, and others... not so much. :-) But dreaming is allowed when it comes to bucket lists! Hopefully as time goes by I will be able to check some of these off here on the blog! So... here's my list:

• Shoot a wedding at a Southern plantation. I like to think I'm a southern girl at heart.
• Really master artificial light. It's not my preferred light source, but I think it's important to have a good handle on it so you can produce beautiful images no matter what situation you're in! I'd love to attend J&M's Lighting Intensive... hopefully they'll bring it to Chicago someday!
• Do more anniversary sessions! 
• Shoot a wedding, anniversary, or engagement in France, Italy, or Ireland. Or... kinda anywhere in Europe. :-) 
• Put on a workshop for beginners.
• Save enough to purchase the Canon 5D Mark III 
• Rent out a natural light studio for the day and photograph ballerinas and food there. Probably not simultaneously, but who knows?! ;-) 
• Shoot more just for fun. I absolutely love shooting for clients but I would like to get creative and do some shoots just because!