Post-Storm Portraits | Catching Up

Today I'm posting pictures from November... a cold, wet November day when a huge storm came through and felled three of the largest trees on our property. The biggest one was a huge one close to the road; it fell across our driveway and missed a car literally by inches. Thankful for the Lord's protection that day! One of the other trees, if it had fallen the opposite direction, would have crashed right through my bedroom.

Anyway, after the storm blew over, before we cleared the driveway, Tara and I had to take advantage of the fantastic photo opportunity. :-) It's not everyday you have a big tangly mess of branches laying in your yard! I just never got around to posting the pictures till now. So... enjoy some damp November on this sunny July day!

Newest Addition to the Lens Family!

I am so excited that I am officially the owner of a Canon 100mm 2.8L lens! (YES! I have an L lens! Ahhhh!). Originally I was saving for the 35mm, thinking the 100mm was fun but not super practical since I'd only used it for the macro side of it, but last time I rented it, I tried it out as a portrait lens and fell completely in love.

So excited that I get to use it on all my shoots from now on!

The Cutest Cupcake

Our friend Grace, whose delightful confections have made it on the blog before, brought these delicious  chocolate raspberry cupcakes with her when she visited and her visit coincided with my Oma's birthday. She had to finish them off here with chocolate ganache and Ghirardelli chunks, and when I saw the mounds of frosting in this particularly adorable and photogenic shade of pink... well, let's just say a photo shoot was inevitable.

And yes... they tasted just as good as they look. I pity all of you that you can only imagine biting into these things. Grace, I think we need to strategically plan your visits around birthdays...