It's a New Year! | 2014 Updates

2013 has come and gone. Hard to believe! I don't know about you but it seemed to fly by for me!

A new year always has a way of making us think of what we want to do differently than last year. 2013 was a year of huge growth in my business, so I'm reevaluating some things for 2014 and here's a little update on what's new for this year!

PASS! As of now I am officially switching over to using PASS exclusively for delivering photos to clients. Before I was using CDs or flash drives that could easily be lost or damaged, plus took up way more time to create and to deliver to the client. With PASS, clients get their pictures instantly! When I finish them, all I have to do is load them into the PASS gallery, click a button and voila! The client can view, favorite, download files, order prints, and share their pictures immediately! Not to mention there's even an app so you can show them all off on your smartphone. What's not to love? Get more detailed info at

• Anniversary sessions! This is a niche that I really love and would like to branch into some more this year. So many couples get their engagement photos done, and their wedding photos done, and then they just stop getting pictures together aside from casual day-to-day snaps - which are important too, but I love the idea of continuing to set aside some time once a year to get some professional shots taken together. All my 2013 couples - watch your email because you'll be getting some special info from me about this. :-D

• Pricing adjustments. You knew that was coming, didn't you? :-) Yes, my pricing has been changed a bit, but I think portrait pricing will stay at this point for the foreseeable future!

• This is still very much in the planning/mulling-in-my-brain stage, but I'm contemplating offering a beginner's photography workshop this spring/summer. Interested? I'd love to know what aspects you would like to be covered!

Happy New Year, everyone! :-)

Newest Addition to the Lens Family!

I am so excited that I am officially the owner of a Canon 100mm 2.8L lens! (YES! I have an L lens! Ahhhh!). Originally I was saving for the 35mm, thinking the 100mm was fun but not super practical since I'd only used it for the macro side of it, but last time I rented it, I tried it out as a portrait lens and fell completely in love.

So excited that I get to use it on all my shoots from now on!