What's in My Bag | For Photographers

I'm often asked what equipment I shoot with, so I thought it was about time I just did a blog post with the contents of my camera bag! There really isn't all that much - I keep it simple! These are only my main lenses that I shoot with on a normal basis and that I actually own. If anyone is interested sometime I can do another post with everything (actual camera gear and otherwise) that I take with me to a wedding. For now, here's my bare-bones setup which is what I own and what I use for portrait sessions:

Canon 50mm 1.2L. This is my go-to lens that stays on the camera about 85% of the time. It's a fabulous portrait lens and all around useful focal length for candid, or very nearly any, shots. I used to have the 1.8, and just this past year upgraded to the 1.2 and it's dreamy. :-)

And in case you're wondering, I do put protective UV filters on my lenses. I don't want to risk scratching my expensive glass!

My other lens is the 100mm 2.8L macro. Also the stuff dreams are made of. :-) I love my 50mm so much that this one doesn't come out as often for portrait sessions, but it is a beautiful portrait lens, as well as being completely amazing when it comes to ring shots or any kind of detail shots at a wedding or an engagement session.

As you know from a few posts ago, I just upgraded to the 5D Mark III! This is my main camera (obviously) and I looove it!

I do still have my 60D which I have as backup, and my second shooters use it occasionally.

My camera bag is a Kelly Moore B-Hobo bag. (It's actually not technically mine, it was originally my mom's, and I sort of adopted it. Shhh!). I like the slim profile and that it fits everything I need for a portrait session.

On a wedding day, I have more to lug and I have to lug it for a longer length of time. So I will usually pack all my stuff in a rolling suitcase, and then I have a Shootsac that holds just the lenses I'm using and essentials (water, phone, schedule, etc.). I like to use this whenever I can, because it's so light and barely there. It's only downside is that the camera doesn't go in there (but then that's the only way it's so slim!).

I hope you enjoyed this peek inside my bag (a thrill a minute, I'm sure! ;-). Thanks for stopping by!