Get Your Photos Printed! | For Clients

Since we talked last week about sharing photos online, I thought that today we'd continue the "what to do with your pictures" discussion and talk about why you should print your photos!

#1: Prints are happy. They just are. You can put them in frames, you can send them in the mail, you can clip them to a string with clothespins, you can scrapbook them, and you can hang them all over your house to look at all the time.

#2: Digital just doesn't always cut it. Don't get me wrong, I love digital and the vibrance of an image on the screen. I love using PASS and that it has an online gallery and a mobile app, which allows my clients to have their pictures at their fingertips to show off wherever they are. :-) But nothing will ever beat holding hard copies in your hands; and maybe it's just me but I think it's a lot more romantic when a guy has a printed photo of his girl in his wallet, than when he just has her as his phone background (though I think he should still have her as his phone background ;-P).

#3: Prints maximize your investment. You spent a lot of money getting those photos taken! Make sure you're getting the most out of them. And prints are not that expensive, even professional ones (from me anyway... different photographers approach print pricing differently). Of course, you can also invest a little more in a beautiful canvas or other type of wall art (a post for another day - wall art options!).

Inspired to get your pictures on paper? I hope so! If you want to know what the benefit is to getting professional prints over Walmart, click here!

P.S. I know that the blog has been quiet (read: silent) the past few Mondays. Unfortunately that is what happens when you plan to blog work on Mondays, but the work that you were about to blog gets cancelled for weather. Oops. That said... I have some good things in store for you coming up starting this coming Monday, so don't be a stranger!

Posting Your Photos Online | For Clients

I'm often contacted by clients who are asking permission to post the pictures from their session or wedding on Facebook or on their blog, etc., so I thought it might be a good idea to do a blog post about it and give some tips for sharing your pictures on social media.

First off, my clients are free to share their pictures online! I actually love it when I see them change their profile or cover photo to a photo that I took. It's a little thing but it makes me excited. :-) They're investing in getting professional photos so I'm happy that they are making use of them!

I don't set any rules for sharing, but there some tips for making them look the best they can. I don't require clients to credit me for the pictures, but I always appreciate it when they do. :-)

Below are my thoughts on posting on the two most popular photo sharing sites, Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook: Facebook is pretty straightforward, and they are always changing their photo processing so you never know if it is actually going to look good. I used to give two folders of pictures, one optimized for FB and one for print, but I found that was too confusing and FB would probably change things around and the optimized files wouldn't really be any better after all. So now, I have found it just works the best to give only one set of files for print and use online and it works out great. If you feel inclined to credit the pictures, you can link to my website and/or tag my business page.

Instagram: This one has the most tips associated with it. Of course, I prefer that you don't apply filters over the pictures, because - really, you invested a lot in your photography, and I hope you hired me because you love my style. So the pictures will look their best left as is. I'm not going to send the police after you if you decide to put a filter on it, but it just isn't an accurate representation of my work after it has effects applied to it.
And then, there's the crop factor. Everyone knows Instagram displays photos in squares and that's expected and sometimes works. But there are some images that really are a lot better if you see the whole thing. And thankfully, there's a way to do that! The best apps that I know of for posting the full image to Instagram are Squaready (for iPhone) or Instagram No Crop/InstaShot (for Android).
When crediting pictures, you can tag/mention @kathryngracephotography, and you can also use the hashtag #kathryngracephotography.

I hope that gives you a start in maximizing your photos online!

Little Details that Make a Big Difference in Your Wedding Photos | For Brides

I think we can all thing of a scenario where something seemingly insignificant had a big impact. It only takes that one accessory to take an outfit from "meh" to fabulous. You'd never think to notice something so small as an accent piece in decor but you'd miss it if it wasn't there.

That's kind of how I feel about those little "extras" you might not think to include in your wedding pictures, but really help to document the overall feel of the day. I'm talking about things like grandma's handkerchief that's been passed down for generations, or your wedding invitation, or that special perfume he bought you. A photo of your wedding day perfume isn't a crucial, must-have shot by any means. But years down the road, you might look through those pictures and seeing the photo of the pretty bottle might bring the memory of that scent to mind when it wouldn't have even crossed your mind otherwise. It's purely sentimental (and to look pretty!), but a nice sentiment, I think. :-)

Wedding invitations are one of my favorite, and most overlooked, pieces to include in bridal details. You've spent time and money in sending a beautiful card to your guests - it's worth remembering! Plus, it looks great styled with your jewelry! Depending on your wedding jewelry, often a necklace shot by itself is kind of boring. It's way more fun to be able to lay it out with other pieces of wedding paraphernalia.

Another item that I'm kind of picky about is the rings! A lot of times I will show up and only the bride's ring is available. That's fine, of course, but you can get a lot more creative with your ring shots when you've got 3 rings to deal with! Besides, I like taking a ring shot at the engagement session, and if you don't include your wedding band and your groom's ring, it just looks like another version of the engagement ring shot. Check out the examples below:

This is pretty, but...

... this has a lot more impact and also screams, "WEDDING!"

Here's Jennifer's ring from her engagement session

And here's the wedding shot!

Things I like including in detail shots are:

- Wedding dress
- Veil
- Jewelry
- Bouquets
- Bridesmaid dresses
- Rings (hers and his!)
- Shoes
- Family heirlooms
- Perfume
- Invitations

It's super helpful if all of this stuff is gathered together in the bridal suite so nobody is scrambling to find things and I can shoot details in the quickest possible fashion!

I hope this encourages you to think about details you can include in your wedding photos to tell a more complete story! Have a great weekend!