Anna Joy | Portraits

I seriously know the most gorgeous people. Anna Joy has been on the blog before, when I shot recital poster images for her and Emily several years ago. She's now finishing up school and has her senior voice recital this fall (the girl has the voice of an angel), so more posters were needed! I met her downtown early in the morning, and after this it is official: early city mornings are just my favorite, ever. The day was lovely, the light was beautiful, and Anna Joy was stunning, which made for some of my favorite pictures I have ever taken. See what I mean?

I think it was at this point that I said she needs to make a CD so she can use this as the album cover.

Tara | Portraits

A couple of weeks ago my sister and I were bridesmaids in our childhood best friend's wedding. So crazy to participate in the wedding of someone you have known since you were three years old! It was absolutely beautiful and also rather fun to be on the other side of a wedding day (I can't wait to see all the photo magic from Meghan over at A Still Breath!).

We all had flower crowns, so after the weekend was over Tara and I got up early and did a photoshoot. She needed new head shots, but we ended up taking more time on the fairytale portion of the shoot. :-)