Bekah & Diana | Recital Publicity Shoot

Bekah is an amazingly talented pianist. I met her through a mutual friend, and first heard her play when she sight-read some music for us to sing. Flawlessly. I knew she was good, but then I heard her at a recital performing solo pieces and OH my goodness, people. She's incredible!

Not to mention very gorgeous to boot. 

So when she asked if I'd be up for taking some poster shots of for her joint senior recital with her friend Diana, of course I said yes! Diana is a soprano at Moody Bible Institute, and though I haven't been able to hear her sing yet, I do know she's got great taste - she sang a bunch of my favorite songs at the recital (which I wasn't able to attend - boo).

We froze our way around historic Long Grove (I have the most enduring clients - they tromp through snow and slush, put up with frigid temperatures and look amazing doing it!). Enjoy these shots of two beautiful young women! Wonderful to see gifts being used for God's glory!

Hello, blue wall.

So pretty!