One Morning in Maine | Personal

Ahhh, I am so late in posting these! Pardon the cliche title, but really, I am such a Robert McCloskey fan and we checked off so many book references on this trip that I succumbed to the irresistible temptation. :-)

It all started a few years ago when Lily and I were chatting about places we wanted to go, and both of us had Maine at the top of our list for the US. We determined then and there that we were going together, but it took us vaguely talking about it for a couple of years before we decided that this year we were going to make it happen.

So this July, we went! We found an adorable renovated vintage Airstream camper on AirBnB to stay in, because we figured if we were ever going to go "glamping" we should do it now. :-) It was darling, on a peninsula overlooking a little inlet. And we had a private dock to enjoy all to ourselves. I should have taken more pictures of it! Forgot to even get a photo of the outside until we were leaving in the pouring rain.

Before we go any further, you get to hear about one of the stupidest things I have ever done in my life. That sounds dramatic... but seriously. You're reading a photography blog right now. I am a professional photographer. At least half of the reason that I travel anywhere is to take pictures. And.... I forgot my camera. I'm not pulling your leg. I really did! I packed it the night before we left to make sure everything was going to fit (I always pack carry-on if I possibly can). Then I had to edit a few pictures for Lily's blog that we had taken that day for a deadline so I took it back out. In the flurry of getting everything together and out the door, I neglected to put it back (and unfortunately remembered packing it, because I did...) and only realized it when I got to the airport! You can imagine how much I was kicking myself the whole time. Thankfully Lily had her camera with her so I didn't have to rely entirely on my phone, but of course it wasn't the same. You can be sure I learned my lesson with that one... and none of my friends will ever let me live it down... :-P

So. I hope you'll forgive the lack of high-end photo quality in this post, and still enjoy some peeks into our New England shenanigans. :-)

Our excited "WE'RE ON A PLANE TO MAINE!" faces.

Our first stop after arriving was blueberry picking! It was utterly charming and the view was gorgeous!

Kerplink, kerplank, kerplunk! (We were mildly disappointed in the scarcity of tin buckets, but that's alright. We still checked our experience off the Robert McCloskey reference list :-)

And thanks to Lily for my cute nautical outfit. :-)

Eating the best blueberry donuts ever!!

Our second donuts. And the 6 pounds of blueberries we picked (and consequently ate in its entirety over the next 3 days)

On our way we crossed this river with some pretty awesome rocks, and since this was a girl trip with essentially no agenda, we pulled over and explored. SO FUN. Yes, we are unashamed midwestern hicks who get really, really thrilled about cool rocks.

Our darling glamper! And Lily looking very excited. :-)

Our view in the morning. Unfortunately we were never "home" at high tide, but it was still lovely.

Second day was a day trip into Kennebunkport. A bit touristy, but very charming.

We packed a picnic and found our way out of the heart of town and to the sea, where we perched ourselves on some rocks and lunched with this beautiful view.

Such a cool old stone church right on the edge of the coast!

Ice cream was a staple in our diet for this trip... :-)

I love this picture. It encapsulates just what I imagined Maine to be. Rocky coastline, charming cottages, and crashing waves.

In the evening, we went for an authentic lobster dinner. (Blueberries + ice cream + donuts + lobster = all you need to eat in Maine). It was definitely not a place I would have stopped to eat if I had passed it on the road, but it had great reviews and lived up to them! It was a shack, but a neat and tidy one.

Me, trying not to freak out that I am about to dismantle and eat a huge crustacean.

Day three we drove up to Boothbay Harbor to take the Burnt Island Lighthouse tour. We drove through a number of sweet little towns, our favorite being Wiscasset (no pictures, sorry!). Boothbay Harbor was also delightful, and we picnicked again by the side of the road above the harbor.

On the ferry to the island!

It looks just like the pictures! :-)

More awesome rocks!

This little house reminded me of Miss Rumphius's cottage by the sea.

Back to our glamper at sunset...

... to sit on our private dock.

On day 4 we traipsed about to several lighthouses in the area, scampered around on rocks, and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!

The famed Portland Head lighthouse

Favorite meal of the trip... lobster rolls from the Bite into Maine food truck at the lighthouse!
So, SO good. I dream about them.

Lobster rolls. Rocks. Water. Lighthouse in the distance. How perfect...?!

Some loveliness in the town where we stayed!

Cooking in!

We spent our last day in the Old Port area of Portland. A very fun area; I especially adored the fabulous logos of all the shops and restaurants. I didn't feel hipster enough to be hanging out in that town. ;-)

Clam chowder from the Portland Lobster Co. by the wharf!

And donuts at Holy Donut - delish!!

It was a completely fabulous trip and I would love to go back. Thanks for being my fantastic travel buddy, Lily! (Check out Lily's recap - with mostly the same photos, ;-) - on her blog!)