Josh & Abbe | Maternity

I just love these pictures! I miss having Abbe close by but I am so happy for her to have found such a good man in Josh. He's smitten with her and it's pretty adorable.
Their cute little guy has since made his appearance, but of course I couldn't be on top of things and post these when they were actually taken. ;-) I was so glad it worked out to do coffee and photos when they were back up visiting over Thanksgiving!

Red doors seem to be a theme.
These belong to the church where they got married!

I like married people who make each other laugh.
Well, and make *me* laugh. ;-)


Scott & Jaclyn | Maternity

This has been a year of babies. We counted up the number of women we knew who were pregnant during 2016 and I think we got up to around 37. O.o That's a lot of kids.

It's so much fun, though, watching your friends marry and then become parents. What's also fun is taking pictures of each new stage in their lives, from engagement, to wedding, to kids. Jaclyn no longer lives in the area since she married Scott, but I'm so glad the timing worked out that she was up here for a baby shower and we fit in some photos!

Caleb & Cassie | Maternity

Another catch-up post today! Caleb and Cassie have since welcomed this adorable little guy into their family, but we took some maternity photos in November that I didn't get around to posting till now. They were troopers with the chilly weather, and Cassie is officially the spunkiest pregnant lady I think I've ever met. Let's just say climbing fences may have been involved, despite my protestations... It was her idea, I promise! :-)

They had me laughing through the whole shoot. :-)