Justin & Jessica | Anniversary

Justin emailed me months ago about doing a surprise anniversary session. I don't exactly love having Jessica a lot farther away than she used to be, but in this case distance was useful because it's a lot easier to keep a secret that way... :-) He took work off that Friday, and didn't tell her until she was hinting that he needed to get out the door for work. Sneaky... :-)

I spent the afternoon shooting this very in love couple, eating Kopp's custard (YESSSSS. Best job perks ever!), and spending time with two people I don't get to see nearly enough! We had beautifully overcast skies during the day, and then the sun came out later for that gorgeous sunset glow along the Milwaukee lakefront.


The park was right there... and the spinny thing was tempting
(there is probably a technical name for it but spinny thing works for me)

Cracked. Me. Up.

Them too. ;-)