Seth & Laura | Wedding

I met Laura years ago when she stayed at our house when our church was hosting the big Presbytery meeting. It was a short visit, but I remember laughing a lot. :-) I never dreamed that one day I would be road tripping to Omaha to shoot her wedding!

Originally the plan was to do portraits in a park, but we were met with a weather forecast predicting 90% chance of thunderstorms. All. Day. Needless to say, I left home with pretty low expectations of how well the wedding was going to go. As a wedding photographer, you learn to roll with whatever, but nobody likes to hear thunderstorms all day! At the rehearsal, the church staff filled us in on the tornado plan, should we need it. Tornadoes?! Thunderstorms?! Yikes.

Laura found an indoor location at the Joslyn Art Museum, where we were allowed to come in an hour early. It had a glass roof which allowed us to still get natural light portraits despite being inside. We showed up and as we got ready for the first look, the sun came out! We still decided to get all the shots we needed inside in case of rain, since we only had the hour allotted to us, but the rain was still holding by the time we were done (most cooperative bridal party ever, we just whizzed through pictures!). So we headed outside to the elegant pillared exterior and garden for more shots.

In the end, it was beautiful all day, and the rain came late at night after everything was done. Thank you, Lord!

Enjoy the pictures! Thanks to Wendy for second shooting this wedding with me, for being my travel buddy, and bringing little personal Nutella packs for me. ;-)

They were totally game for walking out on this ledge... Worth it!

Laura did a dance with her brother, and at first it looked like she was caught off guard...

Until he told her to "fall in" and she made it clear that she knew exactly what was going on. :-)

Because it was supposed to storm, they had bought an umbrella specifically for pictures, so after their exit I met them at the park across the street for a few last shots.

Ashton & Jennifer | Wedding

This wedding... it had so, so many pieces of perfection in it. I knew it was going to be a good day right off the bat when I took the wedding dress out for pictures (I LOVE her dress!!). Add to that an absolutely stunning bride wearing said dress, plus an amazing castle mansion for portraits, a fun bridal party, and (drumroll) a surprise 1940's getaway car (be still my heart!), and you've basically won the Most Fabulous Wedding Award in my book. Plus, I have to say that Jennifer's veil was the most well behaved veil I have ever encountered - it did exactly the right thing 99% of the time. :-)

It was a beautiful day in all aspects. Ashton & Jennifer, thank you for making me a part!

*Warning: Possibly the most photo-heavy post in the history of the blogosphere. View at your own risk!* :-) Special thanks to Laura for her wonderful second-shooting job! Several of these snaps are hers!

Little curly haired photographer in the making!

If this cutie pie in curlers doesn't make your day,  I am so sorry for you. You must lead a very sad life.

That shot on the left was too funny to leave off (thanks Laura for catching it!)... the single hitch in the whole day (that I was aware of anyway) was that the groomsmen's boutonnieres kept falling apart. Never fear, though - hair mousse works wonderfully as a boutonniere-sticker-back-together agent. :-)

They opted for a first look, which allowed them to relax and spend time together, AND get more pictures! Plus, Jennifer planned 2 hours in for portraits! It was wonderful!

Yes. I was dying (in a good way).

She was surprised!

The groomsmen put up a slideshow of a pretty hilarious email thread they had going before the wedding... long story short, it involved afro wigs, tattoos, and shorts. After the slideshow presentation, loud music came on, and....

Memorable, to say the least. :-)

This was the sweetest thing. They were all set to dance and her dad just broke down completely. There was hardly a dry eye in the room!

The outstanding group of young gents who waited on the tables! They did a phenomenal job!

Wedding dress: David's Bridal
Bridesmaid dresses: Handmade
Florals: Wholesale Flower Distributor + DIY
Hair & Makeup: Sara Larson
Portrait venue: Joslyn Castle
Ceremony venue: Kingsway Christian Church
Reception venue: Elkhorn Hills United Methodist Church
Invitations: DIY
Cake: Friend of the bride