A Surprise Literary Tea | Personal

A party hosted by any of the Agnew clan is sure to be one for the books. (No pun intended... really... it just came out that way). And when it's Amber, aided and abetted by my sister Tara, there are perhaps a few too many creative juices flowing, but it ends up looking like it's straight out of a magazine (or Pinterest, which is perhaps the higher honor in this day and age).

Jaclyn, Amber's sister, recently got engaged (you just saw her fabulous sunrise engagement shoot)... an event long prayed for by many. A celebration was in order... so Amber put her scheming little head to work and dreamed up a beautiful literary themed tea party, with Jaclyn's closest friends, to surprise her. It was a lovely time and all the ladies pitched in and brought delicious things to eat.

I just have to say that Amber's house is PERFECT for this. Look at that light!!!

Jane Austen is one of Jaclyn's favorites, so I calligraphed a bunch of quotes to put on the table.

She was surprised!

Ah, Jane... you make me laugh.
Thankfully, this was a difficulty Jaclyn managed to overcome... ;-)

A Breakfast at Tiffany's Bridal Shower | Personal

I'm afraid I am officially a blogging failure. I have the best of intentions to blog faithfully but life (and/or procrastination) too often gets the better of me! I'm grateful to those of you who still stick with me and my sporadic posting...

So. This year is rather a big year for us wedding-wise. No, I'm not getting married, but three of my closest friends are or have, and one of them is Emily, my "bosom friend" of 20+ years. It is wild to think we are old enough for this sort of thing, but very exciting all the same. :-)

I had to post pictures from her first bridal shower because it was just so cute!! The theme was Breakfast at Tiffany's, and while I honestly wasn't able to make it through that movie, it translated adorably into a bridal shower. We were all instructed to wear our best little black dress, pearls, and shades. The party was delightfully set up with everything in Tiffany blue, with the dining tables outside on the back porch. These ladies know how to throw a party. :-)

On arriving we were greeted with an assortment of jewels in case we needed to accessorize...

In the absence of an orange cat, Bertie had to suffice. This cat cracks me up!

Foyle's War Party | Personal

Whew! It's been quiet around here! My apologies for that. It's a combination of being off-season, so not having much work to post, and also getting violently ill, recovering, second shooting a wedding, and attending a literary ball. These things take time, folks. :-)

But! I have a just-for-fun post for you today. Last month I hosted a Foyle's War party. This has been something I have thought would be fun for a long time, and so I decided this fall that it would be my winter project and it was going to happen! And happen it did and it was loads of fun. :-) Those of you who aren't Foyle's War fans probably won't "get" most of the stuff in this post, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. ;-)

We decorated with WWII posters and handmade bunting (Lily and I spent about a day and a half making all the bunting - so much work but so worth it!). We served Foyle's War related food - coq au vin, lemon curd sandwiches, Uncle Aubrey's green gage wine, and ration cake (no frosting!). The main event of the evening was a murder mystery, in which everyone was a suspect and had to deduce who was the murderer. It made for a very lively dinner time discussion. :-) After dinner and after we'd wrapped up the mystery, we played some Foyle's War games and trivia, and then had a hilarious time posing for the photo booth.

It was a smashing evening and I'm so thankful for all the friends who came out and made it a success!

Without Lily, this party would not have happened! She cooked, cleaned, sewed, and generally made a slave of herself. She's the best.

Uncle Aubrey's green gage wine (aka sparkling juice with green food coloring), and scotch (aka tea). 

The onion was one of the prizes, and also turned into the most popular photo booth prop :-)

I loved my ration books!! These were the covers for the suspect guides for the mystery, and also held the Foyle's War trivia. 

Gabe (from The Period Tailor) made a Sam cap for the photo booth!

Some new favorite pictures of us. Soooo typical. :-P
Me, goofing off
Lily: Um, no...

More hilarious photo booth posing! (Grace and Laura were the maids in the mystery, hence the cleaning implements ;-)