Jacob & Jessica | Engagement

So excited to share today's post! There's just a little too much wonderful going on. I've known Jessica quite a few years now - I attended a sister church of her church and our churches would do various events together. She's always been the bubbliest, friendliest young lady with a ready smile and contagious laugh. I am SO excited she's getting ready to get married!! Though I don't really know Jacob well yet, I love the way he makes her face light up, and, well... if he won a gem like her he's gotta be a great guy. :-)

We scheduled their engagement photos but weather got in our way, so we rescheduled to a day where I would already be in their area instead of them coming all the way up my way. But then we were rained out AGAIN. It was getting a bit frustrating trying to make something work while I was still in town so that neither of us would have to make a long drive a second time. I threw out the crazy idea of doing a sunrise shoot the morning of my departure, not really expecting Jessica to go for it. To my surprise and delight, she loved the idea and voila! I got to do my first sunrise shoot! Thanks to Jacob and Jessica's sister Christa for traipsing down to the riverfront at an insane hour of the morning to humor us and our wild schemes. :-) Enjoy the photos! I am so excited for their wedding later this month!

Seriously. How do they look this good at 6:30am?!

Such a gorgeous ring!