Emil & Jesica | Wedding

Sometimes it can be really weird when two of your friends decide to get married. :-) You've known them both separately, and then all of a sudden you have to think of them as a unit. But when I heard that Emil & Jesi were courting, it wasn't like that. It seemed perfectly normal, and I was pretty sure it wouldn't be long before we heard wedding bells.

We watched the forecast leading up to the wedding day and I was mentally preparing myself for what it was telling me on Friday morning - 70% chance of thunderstorms all day on Saturday. Eeek. For a girl who loves to shoot outside, that wasn't such great news. But lo and behold, I checked again Friday night and it had changed to 0% chance! Praise the Lord! And instead we just had beautiful cloud cover for most of the day.

I think Emil & Jesi's wedding stands out as one of the most unique weddings I've shot so far, and here's why: we were ahead of schedule ALL DAY. You heard that correctly. Not just on schedule, AHEAD of schedule!!! Sorry, I really couldn't get over that. It just never happens. :-)

All right. Enough chatter. Emil & Jesi, I'm so happy for you both and I wish you so much joy and blessings in your married life! Enjoy the pictures!

*So thankful for my wonderful second shooter, Wendy!

Such a beautiful ring!


Ok... this was a first for me. They DROPPED him.
I've never had groomsmen drop the groom before.
I probably need to add something to my contract about how they can't sue me if the groom breaks his neck because the groomsmen dropped him.
He didn't break his neck, thankfully. And it was kind of funny... :-)

Love the matching grins on the left, and this tender sibling moment on the right
(Wendy gets credit for the latter!)

The bawling child is just perfection. :-)

SO MUCH DESSERT. Oh my word. It was beautiful.
Grace, you are insane. In the very best way.

It's always fun to get to take pictures of my past brides & grooms at weddings!

That face.... scary.

My favorite part of the picture on the left?
The ring bearer slurping away on the Starbucks...

That kid... in the tie... I think I want to marry him.

Wedding Dress: Thrifted
Veil: Voile Boutique
Bridesmaid dresses: Eshakti
Florals: Lilywinkel
Ceremony Venue: Providence Church
Reception Venue: The Gateway Building
Cake & Desserts: Simply Grace

Jacob & Jessica | Wedding

Years ago, before I was even doing photography as a business at all, and certainly before I'd shot any weddings, Jessica told me she wanted me to shoot her wedding. I laughed, flattered that she liked my pictures that much, but also thinking that scenario was pretty unlikely ("Me? Shoot a wedding? Ha! I only take pictures of flowers!" Haha. Much has changed :-). Well, fast forward several years and here I was, a professional photographer, and she was engaged. I got the email from her: "I get to ask you the question I've waited years to ask - will you shoot my wedding?" Uhhhh, let me think about this for a nanosecond... YES! It was so wonderful to shoot a wedding of someone who has followed my work from the very beginning and was so committed to me and my style - not just hiring me because I'm a friend who takes pictures, but because she truly loves my work in particular.

And this wedding... Oh, it was just dreamy. First off, her dress. was. incredible! She got a tulle dress and then had a custom bodice put on to it (by the inimitable Lily!) using lace from her great-great-grandmother's jacket. WOW. It was too stunning! Combine that with a perfectly lovely day, beautiful bridesmaids in mint dresses, gorgeous light in a lush green park, and a reception on a river boat... yeah, it was fabulous! Jacob & Jessica, thank you so very much for entrusting me with capturing your amazing day. May the Lord bless your life together!

There are probably too many pictures in this post... but I don't care. :-P THANK YOU to Laura for her stellar second-shooting-dress-fluffing-keeping-me-hydrated skills! As usual, I included some of her captures as well!

Her mom tipped me off that she was in the sanctuary by herself, practicing. When I asked her if she was ready, she gravely replied, "I don't think I've quite got it yet."

Dad's first look at the bride! He couldn't wipe that grin off his face. :-)

Love candid moments like this!

Their reception was on this fabulous river boat, The Spirit of Peoria! SUCH a fun venue!!

So much beautiful food!

Cupcakes and cheesecake by the amazing Simply Grace

Instead of the traditional clinking of the glasses, guests had to sing a love song at the mic. :-)

One of my favorite sequences of the day. *melt*

That's Jessica's nephew... completely adorable and very mic-happy. ;-)

We snuck out on the deck as the sun went down for a few more portraits and I'm SO glad! These are some of my favorite photos ever.

The crew let us go up to the top level!

Wedding Dress: David's Bridal with alterations by Mode de Lis
Bridesmaid Dresses: OK Bridal
Ceremony Venue: Providence Church
Reception Venue: The Spirit of Peoria
Florals: Floral Designs Ltd
Hair & Makeup: Cori Rivas at Studio 117 & Kathryn Loughman
Cake/Cupcakes: Simply Grace