The Period Tailor | Historical Costuming Shoot

Last month I did shoot for Gabriel from The Period Tailor, for his portfolio on his (currently in progress) website. He creates fine historical reproductions, both military and civilian. It was interesting finding local historical locations to shoot, and it did end up being one of the coldest days this winter so far (of course!). Thankfully all his outfits are wool. :-)

We started out at Naper Settlement, which is closed in the winter, but they graciously allowed us to walk on for photos!

Second stop was the Joliet Ironworks ruins. Rather interesting, but I don't recommend visiting them in the dead of winter when you have to trudge a long ways in the snow to actually reach anything worth seeing!

Our final stop was my favorite! We went to the Weber House and Gardens, which I had never heard of until searching for locations for this job! It is an absolutely delightful "storybook" cottage - so called because it's not actually historical, but just decorated to look so and in several different eras. I definitely want to return in the spring to enjoy the gardens, but the house has several charming 18th and early 19th century styled rooms that worked perfectly for the civilian outfits. It's worth a visit if you are passing through the area!

Can't be forever serious... ;-)

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Step into the Past | Regency Photoshoot

By now, I hardly think I need to introduce Lily. She's graced the blog multiple times before in her fabulous historical creations.

Today's post is from this past fall when we did a regency shoot for her blog, Mode De Lis. We caught the evening light at just the right moment when it was turning the field to gold, and the images are just too pretty not to share! I felt like I was shooting film stills for a regency movie. :-)

If you're interested in learning more about this dress, visit Lily's post here!

Details on this charming ensemble are at this link!