Courtney | Senior Portraits

There are some people you just know are going to be fabulous. I had seen Courtney around on social media a little bit through mutual friends, so when her mom contacted me to do her senior pictures, I jumped on it. :-) My premonition was correct - Courtney was loads of fun and a trooper when what should have been a warm summer day ended up being pretty chilly! Her contagious laugh and that beautiful red hair made me a happy camper. Enjoy!

Courtney is also an AMAZING artist!!
Please go check out her work, I'm still trying to get my jaw off the floor.


Sokea | Senior Portraits

Time flies. It doesn't seem like 16 years ago that Sokea was toddling around and wanting to tag along on our "big girl" adventures. She always was a cute kid... and she's grown up into a gorgeous young woman, on the verge of heading off to college. Growing up is weird. :-) But it's also fun when it means you get to spend a beautiful evening photographing prettiness! Enjoy some of my favorite shots!