Aaron & Megan | Anniversary

Aaron & Megan were one of my very first "clients" - theirs was my first engagement session and I had only shot one other wedding as the lead photographer before their wedding. I sometimes think I should hire Megan as my agent - she's such a loyal supporter. :-)

And given that they are stinkin' adorable, I was super happy that they decided to have an anniversary session! I'm not sure, but anniversary sessions just *might* be better than engagement sessions. There is a whole year (or more!) to grow more in love and have a deeper relationship, not to mention just so completely comfortable with each other. Hoping to be doing more of these in future!

Megan & Aaron, you two are loads of fun. Thanks for getting in front of my lens again!

Blogging Better | Q&A

Good morning all! I've been thinking about the blog lately, and how I have not been very consistent - my posts are irregular and tend to come in big spurts with long intervals of nothing in between, depending on my flow of work at the moment and how busy life is. I would like to try to be more regular with blogging, and attempt (a little scared to say it), at least for a trial period, consistently putting up 2 posts a week.

I will probably be doing some more posts geared toward photographers, as well as some more personal snippets instead of exclusively using the blog as a portfolio.

My current plan is to put up new work on Mondays, and a miscellaneous post of some sort on Fridays. Previews will either be in with Friday posts or just whenever (do you all even like previews? Should I keep doing them?). So... to kick off "break out of just posting work" - I'm opening it up for questions! If you have a question about photography, weddings, my cat, or what I order at Dairy Queen, drop it in the comments below and I will do my best to answer it next Friday! :-)

I'll leave you with a sneak peek of Aaron & Megan's anniversary session! I was starting to think we had exhausted our location options when we stumbled on this little vine covered old building. More coming soon!