Aaron & Megan | Starline Factory Wedding

Here it is - the thing that's been keeping this blog quiet the past couple weeks! Thanks for your patience, everyone! I hope it's worth the wait...

Where to begin with these two?! I've known Megan since my early teens - I still remember meeting her the first time at a mutual friend's house... we played ping-pong. Or tried to, anyway. She has such a sweet serving heart - her whole family is known for pitching in and helping whenever or wherever there's a need. We knew that when she got married we'd have to keep reminding her that this is her day and keep her from running around cleaning up and helping with decorations. :-)

I've only known Aaron for a few years, and though I don't know him as well as Megan, I certainly know they are perfect for each other. Not to mention they look cuter together than just about any couple of my current acquaintance.

Their wedding was absolutely beautiful... Megan and her sister Raeanne did an amazing job on reception centerpieces and decor, and the Starline Factory provided a fabulous setting!

It was a great honor for me to capture the memories of their special day, as they covenanted before God on a chilly January day. HUGE thanks to Laura for second shooting with me (quite a few of these pictures are hers)... you are amazing and I couldn't have done it without you! And get yourself a website, girl.
Aaron & Megan, blessings to you in your future life together... Enjoy the pictures! I think I probably went a bit overboard on this post, but I can't help it. Too hard to narrow it down. :-)

Some bling, eh?

Megan, you are so gorgeous!!

This was my first time doing a first look.
Aaron's reaction was so great... he was about to split his face open with that smile.
This is one of Laura's shots - love it!

All of that stuff above? Completely candid. Yep. Amazingness comes naturally to them.


Another fabulous angle from Laura's camera!

I looked at my LCD screen and died.
This was definitely my "score" moment of the day!

Oh yeah. Did I mention the bridal party of THIRTY-TWO?!?!

I am still laughing.

Does this look familiar? Drawn by Dawn turned one of the engagement pictures I took into this neat wood "guestbook"! Like her on Facebook!

Cutest flower girls ever.

Greatest ceremony moment - officiant is half way through "Will you, Aaron, take Megan to be your wife - " and Aaron jumps in, "I will!" without waiting for the sentence to be completed. :-)

I could have watched these two dance all night!

I had to get my picture with the bride and groom! Love this one. :-)

Venue: The Starline Factory
Dress: David's Bridal
Hair: PJ's Parlor
Donut Cake: Elizabeth & Dawn B. (and Donuts Delite :-)
Wood Art "Guestbook": Drawn by Dawn
Personalized Gown Hanger: Emily's Emporium