A Surprise Literary Tea | Personal

A party hosted by any of the Agnew clan is sure to be one for the books. (No pun intended... really... it just came out that way). And when it's Amber, aided and abetted by my sister Tara, there are perhaps a few too many creative juices flowing, but it ends up looking like it's straight out of a magazine (or Pinterest, which is perhaps the higher honor in this day and age).

Jaclyn, Amber's sister, recently got engaged (you just saw her fabulous sunrise engagement shoot)... an event long prayed for by many. A celebration was in order... so Amber put her scheming little head to work and dreamed up a beautiful literary themed tea party, with Jaclyn's closest friends, to surprise her. It was a lovely time and all the ladies pitched in and brought delicious things to eat.

I just have to say that Amber's house is PERFECT for this. Look at that light!!!

Jane Austen is one of Jaclyn's favorites, so I calligraphed a bunch of quotes to put on the table.

She was surprised!

Ah, Jane... you make me laugh.
Thankfully, this was a difficulty Jaclyn managed to overcome... ;-)