Levi & Clara | Anniversary

Clara emailed me several months ago and asked if there was any chance I could fit in an anniversary session on December 26th, because she lives several states away and they would be in the area for the holidays. I don't mind shooting in the middle of the winter, but I am always a bit surprised and feel bad for clients having to freeze while looking good in pictures. :-) As it turned out, I was able to do it literally right before heading out to Williamsburg, and it ended up being just about the most gorgeous day in December! Sunny, and nearly 50 degrees! Who knew?!

The timing worked out perfectly to catch the lights on the square at the end (my heart!). Levi & Clara were a delight to photograph!

Josh & Abbey | Anniversary

This session isn't technically an anniversary session, but I'm just calling it that. :-) Josh and Abbey are dear friends and I miss them so much now that they live far away! I'm honorary aunt to their kiddos and I don't get to see them enough (please move back!!!). We grabbed some quick family shots when they were in town and tacked on a short couples shoot as well, which was fun (right, Josh? It was fun? ;-).