Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Scott & Jaclyn | Sunrise Chicago Engagement Session

I am so, so excited about today's post!! The amount of giddy squealing that went on in the course of this one morning was probably record-breaking. Jaclyn is a dear friend and it has been so fun and exciting watching her fall in love with Scott this year.

Jaclyn is a city girl through and through, and after working in the city for the last year, she's become especially fond of Chicago. She really wanted to do their engagement downtown, but wasn't loving the idea of having to work around the crowds at some of the more popular spots. I hesitantly threw out the idea of a sunrise session... as a photographer, you suggest these crazy ideas and have a tiny bit of hope that they might think it's a vague possibility. Well, Jaclyn loved the idea... I still don't know what Scott thought of it at first, but he seemed to be on board... ;-)

Being good friends meant that I spent the night at Jaclyn's place; and we got up at an unholy hour (2:45am, anyone?) to get her hair and makeup done in time to drive an hour to the city and be there by 5:30 for the sunrise. Was it worth it?...... YES. Absolutely. Dreamy light, and nobody around. It was perfect. We traipsed around the city for the morning, starting at the North Avenue Beach, then on to the Bean, Buckingham Fountain, and Fourth Presbyterian. It's going to be hard to top this one in the favorites book!

I hope you all love these as much as I do, and I can't wait for their wedding this fall!!

I'll never not love city lights twinkling in the background!

The color of that water!! Insane!

THIS. This is why sunrise is worth it!! :-) A few hours later and The Bean was swarming with people!


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