Kyle & Anouk | Morton Arboretum Engagement

Last year was the year for family weddings! Anouk is my second cousin, and though she had been dating Kyle for years, I somehow had never met him until their engagement session. We planned to meet up at his apartment to drive to the shoot together, but because of a variety of unforeseen minor catastrophes, Anouk was running late so Kyle and I went ahead. I wasn't sure how it was going to go having to drive with this guy I had never met - sounded awkward - but it was the opposite. Kyle is just about the friendliest and most easy going guy you'll ever meet and I felt like I'd know him for ages within about 5 minutes. :) Anouk is awesome and I've known that for ages, so together, they make one very nice and extremely entertaining pair. 

I love when couples are comfortable enough to loosen up and be goofy during their session and this was a prime example. ;) We had a gorgeous morning at the beautiful Morton Arboretum and it was one of my favorite shoots of the year!

Michael & Skye | Wintery Lincoln Park Engagement

It's April and I should be blogging springy things. But it's been in the 30's all week and it snowed yesterday, so... winter engagement pictures it is!

Skye emailed me and said they were hoping for some snowy engagement photos in Chicago. We had our shoot scheduled for a Monday, and that weekend, it snowed 8 inches. Perfect timing! It was cold, but I had a great time traipsing around Lincoln Park with these two. At least a wedding in Alabama will be a little warmer. ;) 

Elijah & Lauren | Michigan Dunes Wedding

This wedding...! Renee from Renee Higgins Photography asked me to shoot her sister's wedding with her. Lauren had wanted her to shoot the wedding and be her matron of honor and we all know that isn't a job you tackle by yourself. I ended up taking on the role of the lead shooter when Renee also found out she was pregnant right before the wedding, to add another layer of complication to her role. :-)

I hadn't gotten these images processed on my end until now since Renee did all the editing for the client and I had other work that took precedence, but I loved them so much I still had to edit my favorites in off-season and share them with you all!

I'm basically convinced that everybody needs to get married by dunes.