The Period Tailor | Historical Costuming Shoot

Last month I did shoot for Gabriel from The Period Tailor, for his portfolio on his (currently in progress) website. He creates fine historical reproductions, both military and civilian. It was interesting finding local historical locations to shoot, and it did end up being one of the coldest days this winter so far (of course!). Thankfully all his outfits are wool. :-)

We started out at Naper Settlement, which is closed in the winter, but they graciously allowed us to walk on for photos!

Second stop was the Joliet Ironworks ruins. Rather interesting, but I don't recommend visiting them in the dead of winter when you have to trudge a long ways in the snow to actually reach anything worth seeing!

Our final stop was my favorite! We went to the Weber House and Gardens, which I had never heard of until searching for locations for this job! It is an absolutely delightful "storybook" cottage - so called because it's not actually historical, but just decorated to look so and in several different eras. I definitely want to return in the spring to enjoy the gardens, but the house has several charming 18th and early 19th century styled rooms that worked perfectly for the civilian outfits. It's worth a visit if you are passing through the area!

Can't be forever serious... ;-)

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Our Trip to Williamsburg | Personal

We rang in the new year in Williamsburg this year! Lily has proven to be a very valuable friend - she takes me on all her fun trips. ;-) This time, the whole family went. Williamsburg was chilly, but nothing like home. It was still in the 40s, and on the whole more pleasant to be a bit cold but wrapped up in a wool cape than to be sweltering in the heat like we were the last time.

We had a lovely time; eating in the historic taverns, shopping, visiting trades, exploring gardens, and going english country dancing.

Nice how we can generally find an obliging tourist to take our picture. :-)

We had to wait around for about 20 minutes for the tourists to clear out of the Governor's Palace grounds... but it was so worth it!
Read out Tara's new silk jacket ensemble on her blog.

I could live here.

Hole in the wall! :-)

Lily and I actually remembered to get a picture together! What?!

We had a lovely time chatting with Nicole and Abby in the milliner's shop, where they were constructing a new gown.

It was a lovely trip - and I bought fabric for a new jacket, so that means we HAVE to go back! ;-)

18th Century Red Riding Hood

This might just be my last catching-up post from last year! And sorry you're getting your Monday post on Tuesday. The weekend and Monday was a whirl of gaiety and I didn't get a chance to pre-blog!

I can't remember if I posted the photo from this set that we entered in a contest, but I know I didn't post the full shoot. It was a bit of a spur-of-the-moment shoot - we looked out the window and the snow was falling in beautiful, huge flakes. Tara had just put red bows on her 18th century shoes, and a red ribbon on her cap. Combined with her blue dress and red wool cape and that perfect snowfall, it was too good of a combination to pass up!