Powers Kids 2014 | Portraits

It's that time of year again! I shot the annual Powers kids family portraits and I'm pretty sure they try to top themselves every year. I've been on pins and needles to post these, but of course had to wait until the formal presentation to the parents happened. This year, they pulled together a family shoot with a bohemian theme, complete with Indian headdress. No kidding. I love them - they're brave enough to do the crazy things that everyone else can't bring themselves to try, and it always comes out fabulous. ;-)

We did the pictures one glowy evening at their new farm, which is a darlingly picturesque spot. Enjoy!

They really pull off the serious look!

... just not for long. :-)

One seriously beautiful group of sisters!

Individual pictures of everyone (except Levi, he only wanted that one headdress shot. LOL!)

This kid. He can do the model face like nobody's business.

Slightly obsessed with this light!

One last shot of their beautiful property - the sunset was magical.

Just for fun and practice

My friend Wendy and I went out to Woodstock for a fun mini shoot/practice session... She has never shot on the square before, even though we go there often enough! She got to borrow my sister to model, and I amused myself with this little gal. Adorable and very cooperative!

Sometimes it's nice to just take a little time to practice and get creative, with absolutely no stress, no time limits, no pressure. Plus it helps to have absolutely delicious light! :-)

Don't forget about the modeling opportunity for my upcoming styled shoot!

Babiak Kids | Portraits

A portrait session with a group of eight brothers and sisters is bound to be a bit of an adventure. :-) Thankfully, it wasn't uncharted waters for me, having handled a group of 10 siblings before, but still - this isn't something you do every day! Kaila emailed me about doing this shoot as a surprise anniversary gift for their parents (all together now: "awwww!"). We decided to do it in Lake Geneva while their parents were having a getaway, which was pretty funny, because their parents were staying at a hotel in Lake Geneva at the time! So the whole time we were hoping they wouldn't decide to take a walk around the lake - 8 kids in brightly colored outfits aren't the easiest things to hide. Thankfully it drizzled, so we had no need to all dive into the lake to escape detection. :-)

Lake Geneva is officially going on my favorite-spots-to-shoot list!

Their family business is selling books, so we got some book themed shots... little guys weren't quite getting the concept... ;-)