Foyle's War Party | Personal

Whew! It's been quiet around here! My apologies for that. It's a combination of being off-season, so not having much work to post, and also getting violently ill, recovering, second shooting a wedding, and attending a literary ball. These things take time, folks. :-)

But! I have a just-for-fun post for you today. Last month I hosted a Foyle's War party. This has been something I have thought would be fun for a long time, and so I decided this fall that it would be my winter project and it was going to happen! And happen it did and it was loads of fun. :-) Those of you who aren't Foyle's War fans probably won't "get" most of the stuff in this post, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. ;-)

We decorated with WWII posters and handmade bunting (Lily and I spent about a day and a half making all the bunting - so much work but so worth it!). We served Foyle's War related food - coq au vin, lemon curd sandwiches, Uncle Aubrey's green gage wine, and ration cake (no frosting!). The main event of the evening was a murder mystery, in which everyone was a suspect and had to deduce who was the murderer. It made for a very lively dinner time discussion. :-) After dinner and after we'd wrapped up the mystery, we played some Foyle's War games and trivia, and then had a hilarious time posing for the photo booth.

It was a smashing evening and I'm so thankful for all the friends who came out and made it a success!

Without Lily, this party would not have happened! She cooked, cleaned, sewed, and generally made a slave of herself. She's the best.

Uncle Aubrey's green gage wine (aka sparkling juice with green food coloring), and scotch (aka tea). 

The onion was one of the prizes, and also turned into the most popular photo booth prop :-)

I loved my ration books!! These were the covers for the suspect guides for the mystery, and also held the Foyle's War trivia. 

Gabe (from The Period Tailor) made a Sam cap for the photo booth!

Some new favorite pictures of us. Soooo typical. :-P
Me, goofing off
Lily: Um, no...

More hilarious photo booth posing! (Grace and Laura were the maids in the mystery, hence the cleaning implements ;-)

Remembering WWII | Personal

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Linden, TN with my favorite Lily and family for the Remembering WWII living history event. I have never attended any kind of reenactment that's WWII themed, despite the fact that I love the 1940's, so when Lily asked me if I wanted to go with them, I didn't have to think twice about it.

We arrived at our cute bed and breakfast around 11pm, only to find that though our reservation had come through the electronic system, it had failed to make it in the books and they had no empty rooms! Thankfully a nearby motel was able to accommodate us. We all were bemoaning the fact that we didn't get to stay in the charming inn, but when we were ready to go in the morning we found we had a flat tire and the motel was right next door to a car repair shop that was able to fix it for us! The Lord provides. :-)

My goal while I was there was to enjoy myself at the event, so I didn't snap too many pictures. I took enough to commemorate that I was there and then put the camera away. Besides, it ruins your look to be dressed 1940s but lugging a very 2014 piece of photographic equipment. :-)

The setup in the town was impressive - it was incredible to see the sheer amount of labor that had to be involved to simply put up all those barricades, tents, chairs, and military paraphernalia, let alone all the planning that came before that stage. My favorites would of course be the old cars (be still my heart!). Someday I shall have some classy wheels to call my own. :-) Highlights of the day include listening to popular songs of the 40's, root beer floats at the canteen, hearing the stories of the veterans who spoke, and of course seeing everyone outfitted in their 1940's garb! It was really neat to see how many original period dresses there were. So inspiring!

It was a real pleasure to meet several blog readers over the course of the day - it is always so nice to meet real people and find out they are not just a name on a screen. :-) The first to come up were the lovely Boyer ladies, from Boyer Family Singers - I so enjoyed chatting with them and connecting in person, as well as listening to their delightful music. We didn't get a picture with all of us during the event, but we did get one at church the next morning (stealing this photo from their blog):

In the evening, we were invited to the private USO themed dinner given for the veterans, reenactors, and participants, which was adorably decorated with cafe lights and bunting, with a stage looking quite as you'd imagine a stage to look back then. We enjoyed a rendition of Winston Churchill's speech, and a lovely program of 40's tunes from the Boyer Family Singers - not to mention a photo op with (you guessed it) another fabulous car. :-)

This is me looking very much at home. ;-)
(Thanks for the picture, Lily!)
(And also, shout out to the shoes. Because they are the cutest. My feet screamed at me all day long but I just ignored them.)

It was a wonderful event all around. I really appreciated the focus on hearing the first hand accounts from the veterans - passing on the legacy, remembering the past. So many reenactment type events can be so battle-focused, and I was so glad that this one was specifically and intentionally geared toward honoring the men who fought for our freedom and hearing their stories. Many thanks to the Courters and everyone who worked so hard to put on such a great event! My passion for the 40's has renewed vigor and I have been listening to big band for the last two weeks. :-)