Josh & Abbey | Anniversary

This session isn't technically an anniversary session, but I'm just calling it that. :-) Josh and Abbey are dear friends and I miss them so much now that they live far away! I'm honorary aunt to their kiddos and I don't get to see them enough (please move back!!!). We grabbed some quick family shots when they were in town and tacked on a short couples shoot as well, which was fun (right, Josh? It was fun? ;-).

Powers Kids | Portraits

Last year when Abbe contacted me about shooting portraits of her sibling group of 10, I was a bit daunted, but did it... and had a blast. This year, there was no hesitation because this is my favorite family ever to photograph!! Okay, so I haven't really done a ton of family work since I mostly gear my work toward individual and couples portraits... but it will take some really spectacular family to top the Powers. Their impeccable style, and how they effortlessly pull together the coordinating-but-not-matching look, combined with the fact that they're all ridiculously photogenic, makes my job so easy.

I had a fabulous time shooting these photos for their parents anniversary gift (very belated... haha, long story!). Enjoy!!

It got a little windy!

We can't be forever serious... the tractor was too good a prop to pass up. :-)

Daniel's new jeep :-)

Does this look like a magazine? Yes? I agree. Thank you, Abbe, for being fantastic.

Yes! Stripey straws!!!