Anna | Portraits

Ah, my poor neglected blog. Anyone out there still hanging in there with me? :-) Life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately, with lots of socializing, traveling, and... well, living. Travel posts coming your way soon...

It's been a pretty cool summer on the whole around here, which has worked out so nicely for taking pictures. Nobody likes sweltering while they're being photographed! Anna and I have been friends for several years, but have really hit it off in the past year or so. We both love books, "get" each other's sense of humor, and adore a good dose of British wit. :-) Basically, she's a kindred spirit. Plus, I'm a photographer, and she's photogenic, which means photo-shooting is inevitable!

It's fun when your friends have fabulous leather satchels...

Favorite ^

The colors and the light were working together so beautifully!!

Happy Independence Day!

I hope everyone is having a great day today complete with picnic food, lawn games, and fireworks! We got our plans in the works a bit late in the game but we are planning to have some fun this evening... maybe I'll update this post with a few pictures later!

So... this is a lame post to say that it's a day off! But I'm sticking to my blogging calendar!! ;-) And I still have a fun sneak peek for you. A couple of weeks ago we did another 1950's outing with Lily & Gretel - it was a blast! I'll have another post coming soon with more photos!

Enjoy your day!

Lydia Margaret | Newborn

Very few things make me as happy as holding a newborn baby. They are so tiny and warm and squishy. I almost wish they would never grow up at all (though in that case the world would be a sad place).

So you can imagine I had a lovely morning with this little doll. She's a born model. Awake part of the time, asleep part of the time, and only cried twice I think. I should hire her to teach all newborns how to behave for photo shoots. And by the way - is her name not the darlingest name you ever heard? Enjoy the sweetness!

I did not ask him to do that. :-)