Tyler & Katie | Engagement

Tyler & Katie go down in history for not only surviving clouds of mosquitoes during this session, but still looking good while they did. In spite of getting pretty nearly eaten alive, we had such a pretty evening for this shoot, especially that light at the end! 

Andrew & Anya | Forest Park Engagement

So. New site. The perfect excuse to go ahead and catch up on basically everything I shot in 2017 and didn't blog. Oops! ;) 

It feels like spring today... such a tease. Reminds me of a trip down to St. Louis last year around this time, only that trip felt like summer! So unseasonably warm - but it worked out beautifully for engagement photos. Andrew & Anya won my engagement session giveaway last year and they were so much fun! One of the first things Anya said was, "We're really not photogenic."

Yeah... right. 

Welcome to the new KGP!

Hurray! It finally happened! It's been on my to-do list for a very long time now to revamp my website. My old blog has served me well for many years but it was time to get a grown up website and blog combo.

Now you don't have to search the nether regions just to find what you're looking for! It's a much more condensed and sleek format that I hope will prove easier to navigate and less overwhelming. For you and for me. :)

Does this mean I'll be a more regular blogger? Ehh, probably not. ;) But I'll try! I have so much pretty up my sleeve that I am excited to share with you! For now, check out the portfolio galleries for a few of my favorite photos that haven't hit the blog yet.

For those who have been with me since my blog's early days - thanks for sticking around! And if you're new here, welcome and I hope you'll stay a while. :)